"We hope our food will get people to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the many flavors that can be experienced in asian cuisine. Lunch can be still be both fast food and good food"

Lawrence Lee,


Three artists with a dream

Lawrence, an SF native has been part of projects such as Hukilau Hawaiian Grill and Mercury Appetizer Bar and Lounge in SF, who recently teamed up with Chefs Johnny Honda, (who has cooked at google corp as well opening his very own catering company), and Chef Mark Hayashida, formally of Blowfish Sushi SJ, and Skool. Together they formed HayaHon Catering. known for their flair of both comfort Asian cuisine and high end sushi fare has allowed them to be featured on platforms such as Munchery.com, as well as Pop-ups at establishments like John Colin's, Cafe Royale, Neck of the Woods and Rumors Sports Bar.

The brainchild of these 3 inspiring chefs, the Street Food Dojo, opened Nov 22nd, is an attempt to compile all these flavors under one umbrella for the busy financial district's power lunch crowd. Limited to the tiny space of their location, their motto of "global Asian cuisine on the he go.." will be achieved with a rotating menu that will be changed periodically based on theme and seasonal ingredients. Currently you can enjoy popular items such as (Kimchee Fried Rice w/ soft poached egg) and (Chicken Katsu Bento w/ Japanese curry) or something lighter (Yuba Kale Salad w/wasabi Caesar dressing) ... With the plans to bring Asian comfort foods such as Ramen, Kimchee stew, homemade Pho and much more! you can follow their menu by signing up on their website newsletter www.hayahonsf.com, and social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc... @streetfooddojo

You can also follow them the old fashioned way by visiting them in person, Located on Market St @New Montgomery in downtown SF occupying the old Zogs Dogs take out stand, who coincidently still has some influence with a few of their cult favorite dogs still on the menu. "If it isn't broken, don't change it, Zogs was a staple here more than 1/2 a decade, and we would hate to take that away from the regulars around here" says Lawrence who has also added one of his hotdog recipes (Dojo Dawg: topped with wasabi and srirracha coleslaw, furikake and fried shallots)

So if you find yourself on a lunch break searching for something more than a bagel or bigmac, take a trip down to the Street Food Dojo and get a KICK out of your lunch!